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Ruth Kieran - A Life in the Day.

Ruth Kieran is an Accountant in our Business Support & Operations team.

By Ruth Kieran

Ruth works closely with the entire team running our day-to-day financial requirements. Ruth prepares all the statutory and management accounts, manages our cash and provides detailed financial analysis to our Management Board.

Ruth Kieran - A Life in the Day.
Ruth Kieran - A Life in the Day.

What is your daily morning routine?

I usually get up at 6am so that I'm up and dressed, with my first coffee well underway before waking my 2 boys, aged 11 and 8, at 7am for school. My eldest is just about to start secondary school, so we've got new routines to get used to. I leave the house at 8am for the school run and then back home to start work at 9:30am.

What is your Laurence Simons office like?

I work from home on a part-time basis and am lucky enough to have my own dedicated office, which overlooks a field. It's mostly very quiet, but there are sometimes cows in the field who surprisingly can be very noisy!

How did you come to be an Accountant at Laurence Simons?

My good friend Carrie Baker, who I worked with at a fund management company a frightening number of years ago, joined Laurence Simons (LS) as a consultant and suggested that the role and company would be a good fit. And how right she was!

What does your role encompass?

I am the Accountant at LS, looking after the day-to-day financial requirements and working to implement the strategic developments necessary to support LS as it embarks on its next growth phase. It is a very exciting time to be in Finance at LS.

What projects are you currently working on?

We have been working to improve all aspects of control and process efficiency in the finance space, ensuring the function is easily scalable as the business grows. In addition, we have been developing improved management reporting to better support the business. The next project on my list is to develop improved debtor reporting.

Who do you work most closely with?

I work mostly with Carrie mentioned above, particularly on the development side of my role. Since Finance touches all parts of the business, I get to catch up with most of the team fairly regularly.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I have now been at LS for a year and can really see the benefits of the new processes that have already been implemented. It's really satisfying to know you're making a difference. What I like most, though, is working with such a lovely team of people. LS is a very supportive and inspiring place to work, and despite only being here for a fairly short time, I feel very much at home.

How do you socialise with the team?

Since I work from home, I don't have many opportunities to socialise with the team, but when I do come into the office - it's very nice to catch up over a coffee or glass of wine.

Can you tell us a little more about the city you live in? 

I live in Tunbridge Wells, which is about 30 miles southeast of London in Kent. Historically it was made famous following the discovery of the "healing waters" that the rich and fashionable would holiday here for. The Spring is still here, and you can still taste it although I wouldn't recommend it! Nowadays, Tunbridge Wells is probably best known for its schools, but it is a lovely town to visit, and there are some fabulous pubs in the outlying villages.

What are your favourite places in the city? 

The Pantiles (the old town of Tunbridge Wells) is great to walk around and enjoy a bit of window shopping. Dunorlan Park is a short walk outside of town and is lovely all year round. It hosted "Pub in the Park" this year, a cooking/music festival set up by Tom Kerridge which was a lot of fun.