#InspiringMen - Laurence Simons


Calling all women to lend their
voice and celebrate men.

See resources and helplines
Laurence Simons
Laurence Simons

The Silent Crises.


There is a mental health crisis amongst men…


And the stats only get worse when looking into the legal profession. 


How to get involved. 


Headlines, rhetoric and research can sometimes paint all men in a poor light. The feeling that one isn’t good enough, combined with the gendered social pressures that men face, can leave some men feeling reluctant to reach out.


For International Mens Day 2023, we are calling on all the women in our network to lend their voices and support the men in their lives. We’re asking you to record a 10-15-second video telling us about a man who made a positive impact on your life.



Tell us about a man who made a positive impact on your life.



It’s that easy!


Resources and helplines.


If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, there are numerous free-to-use resources they can access. 


US: Call 988 or visit The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
UK: Call 116 123 or visit Samaritans 
Germany: Call 0800 / 111 0 111 or visit TelefonSeelsorge
France: Call 3114 or visit The National Suicide Prevention Number
Switzerland: Call 143 or visit Die Dargebotene Hand
Brazil: Call 188 or visit CVV


Legal specific resources: 


US: Visit the Directory of Lawyer Assistance Programs
UK: Call 0800 279 6888 or visit LawCare